Sunday, August 22, 2010

DIY for strength and fun

Hey DIY strengthsters.

Thanks for the feedback on the clubs.  These are a super way to get familiar with circular strength training.  Doing yourself is what got me started making the high quality stuff at
Personal experience with making my own equipment and cutting corners(being cheap) led me to sharing some solid ideas with the world.  Think of the projects that you have made for yourself.  After using them for a while, how long have they held up? How safe are they? Was it worth the hassle and time?  These are questions for you.  I've made some that got me by, I've used them to get familiar with certain types of training.  Then if I liked them alot, I went and bought the real deal.  In my own training I want something to last and have it to be passed down to my kids.  Plus, I want the safety of something made for a purpose and by those that are focused on quality.  

What I want to share here on DIYStrength is the option of making some of your own useful strength tools to get familiar with different types of training.  I want the projects to be easy and safe to do and use.  And another thing I'm going to offer is the ability to go ahead and buy these projects finished or in packages.  Why?  Because, in searching for certain components and parts to do some of these projects, I've had to go to several stores and find the right items.  Some stores carry this and some stores carry something different.  You never know what you'll find.  From the emails I'm getting the possibility to just hit a button and get certain DIY projects delivered to you, no hassle is a huge bonus.  I'll continue to share the parts list, videos on how to put them together and then the link to just buy the project with no time spent getting the parts and putting together.   This will continue to evolve as the feedback comes in. 

Tomorrow the video and parts list for the bigger club will be available.  Sometime next week the links to buy the PVC clubs will be live as requested.   Have fun, stay strong and keep the feedback coming.


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