Monday, August 30, 2010

DIY PVC Indian Clubs painted

Hey DIY strengthsters

I hope you have taken the time to make yourself a set of PVC clubs.  They are a lot of fun, easy and give you a taste of the benefits of club swinging.  Last week I showed one exercise to do for starting off your swinging.   Tomorrow I will show you the reverse movement.  Another great exercise.  Now if you have made a set already, you may choose to paint them.  I painted a couple of sets with black paint.  They look really cool and more club looking!  Check out this cool pic. 
The set pictured is using the 3" PVC and are 24" long.  I like the painted look much better than the white PVC look.  What do you think?    If you want a set of DIY PVC clubs but don't want to DIY I've got a link on the main blog page to get them already done and ready to swing. 
Enjoy your Monday!


  1. The white clubs match my white slosh pipes, white 55 gallon barrel, and white 5 gallon buckets. The only difference is I haven't filled the clubs with sand and water yet.

    Good design. Keep those vids coming for us IC rookies.

  2. Ryan,

    Your how-to videos and parts lists were just what I needed to take the plunge and try out club swinging. I've been trying to rehabilitate a shoulder injury, and the last week experimenting with club swinging has made a noticeable improvement in my pain-free range of motion. It's also been a lot of fun.

    Thanks for making it so easy to get started. If I keep this up, I think there will be some Thick Handle Grip Clubs calling my name...

  3. Love the Blog, dying to make the Indian Clubs and Big Clubs!! To check out Club work, But after trying your Clubs & Even-Esh's Gym, I hope to buy the real thing when I free up cash. I wanted to pain them black too, what paint did you go with and what do you recommend? Keep the Blogs coming Love it!

  4. Thanks guys! I thought these would be perfect for those not ready to take the plunge and buy a set. These PVC clubs are very useful and give you a good look into club swinging.
    For painting I didn't get anything special, like plastic paint that they have, I just used a Rust Oleum semi-gloss and gloss indoor/outdoor spray paint. Says it's good for wood,metal,wicker & more. So far it's holding up fine. I'll definitely keep the projects coming and love hearing the feedback and ideas!

  5. Thanks Ryan, it's all appreciated!!


    Pedro A. Morales

  6. Is there a reason you selected PVC over ABS that is already black?

  7. This is a good idea and I am going to try this out. I bought some $5 fat wiffel-ball style bats from Wal-Mart and funneled sand into them, then used a layer of black gaffer's tape to seal them up, strengthen the seam (in case of rupture!) and black them out. These work great and total about 9.5lbs each. Now I am ready to increase the weight, do you think the PVC handles can put up with the stress of heavier weight (e.g. lead shot)?