Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Old School DIY leg press

Hey DIY strengthsters.

There's something about using your imagination to come up with ways to exercise.  Inspiration has to come from somewhere.  Check out this picture out of a 1952 Strength & Health mag.  It was a column by Siegmund(Sig) Klein.  What a brilliant idea.  I can think of many ways to make this possible and better.  If anybody would like to see this, but improved, let me know and I'll make it a DIY project for everyone. 

This is a fun blog for me and the ideas are rolling!



  1. That's pretty clever, but as the caption indicates, it looks like the angle at which the board attaches to the wall should be opposite of what's shown, in order to better match the resistance and the body's leverage.

    Speaking of leverage, I just ordered a mace (my first SG purchase). I'm looking forward to not having to make one, but I'll probably try making a pair of clubs.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. Hey Scott,
    You'll love the mace. There is a fine line between making a DIY project that's worthwhile and totally wasting time and money. I plan on showing a wide array of FUNctional projects. Next week I'm posting more details on the club how to. Stay tuned!

  3. The Mace is a pretty simple project too. Although, I am not sure how easy it would be to get a super heavy one using the basketball and cement theory. My mace is on my blog

    My mace and some of my other stuff is on my blog.

  4. Hey Keith, good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I built a couple sets of these over the weekend. I used ABS, as I couldn't find the PVC parts.

    The first set I built 3 feet long, I am new to this, what can I say? Although they are long I think they may still be useful for me.

    Second pair was 18" long and filled with sand.

    I want to try adding some metal pipe inside to add to the weight. If you were really hard core, you could cement the pipe and then add it. This would allow it to still be weight modular.

    Anyhow. Blog looks great, hope to see more of your ideas.


  6. About self made leg press ? my best idea comes from the chinese 'bientan' (i used one to carry many water from a wheel during the winter..) All you need is one strong bamboo , or if you ahave a olympic bar even better, two loading pins, two pieces of chain and either plates or anything you can use to addon weight in equal manner


  7. Have you made this yet? Like some tips on making this myself. I like the basic design as well as the sitting position, compared to others where you have to stand.