Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Clubs and coordination

Hey DIY strengthsters.

Club swinging is fantastic for coordination.  Do you have good coordination?  Would you like to be graceful and smooth when you move?  Whether ya do or don't, being more balanced and healthy will carry over into your daily living.  Take your DIY PVC clubs and find a hill or open space.  Do a double club swing up into a forward lunge.  If your not ready for the lunge, start with the double club upswing using a stationary stance.  Bend down into a squat or whatever's comfortable for you then snap hips and swing clubs up with relaxed arms, as your hands pass the ears, your triceps, lats and abs act as shock absorbers and gently stop the swing motion.
Watch this video.

I working on the next DIY project, I've got many ideas from you all.  Thanks!


  1. Another great idea. It'll become part of the official post work Friday night routine.

  2. Lunging with clubs and maces is a nice way to bring the legs into the movements.