Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wheel Barrow Sled

Hey DIY strengthsters
Here is a sled project that my mentor Dennis Rogers showed before.  It can be super simple or more complex.  First off super simple.  Get an old wheel barrow tub.  I actually got 2 of them at a farm store for $25!!  That's only $12.50 each.  You can also find a scrap one or ask around.  The tub is fantastic for putting anything in.  Weights, sandbags, kettlebells, kids, adults, you name it!  It slides very nice just the way it is, but I have a few ideas to test out on this.  The same goes for pushing.  You can use the low side for low pushing, or the higher part for mid pushing.  But, I also have some ideas to test on this as well.  In the video I show attaching either a u-bolt or ring thing.  You can actually use existing holes in barrow and use a rope or put one or two eye bolts with plywood or 2x4 backing and use that.  So many ways.  So here is the very basic.  I'm working on the pushing ideas and guides for bottom and will test in the next day or so to see if it's worthy information to pass on.  For a bare bones, anyone can do it, simple as pie pulling and pushing sled, the wheel barrow sled is the way to go.

Go find yourself a wheelbarrow and get sledding.


  1. Would have to bolt wood on the bottom with plastic screwed on it, so I can drag it on a driveway without damaging it, but looks cool, for dragging I love Tire Sleds, I made an ice one, that is quit and keep neighbors happy!

  2. I'm going to try putting pvc covered wood on bottom and see how it works.

  3. there is a SLED BARROW already in the market google it ..its an amazing but simple thing..